• SCCA Club Racing at Daytona Intl Speedway.

  • IPGParts.com Drag Race Team

  • IPG SCCA ITA Integra

  • IPGParts.com All Motor Drag Car – 10.26 @ 132.44 mph

  • IPGParts.com SCCA STL Honda Civic Si Race Car

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IPG CRX Deep into the 10s All Motor

IPG CRX Deep into the 10s All MotorWe have been working diligently on the IPG CRX and with a new drivetrain setup we have put it deep into the 10s now. A quick rundown of the new drivetrain setup goes like this: - Inline Pro Built K20A2 Block, Stock Sleeve 86.5mm Bore, with K24 Crank (2,302cc), Inline Pro K20 Rods, Custom CP Pistons - Old Drag Cartel [...] Read Full story