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Xenocron K Series Conversion Harnesses
Xenocron K Series Conversion Harnesses

Xenocron K Series Conversion Harnesses

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This conversion wiring harness connects your K-Series engine harness to the CRX/Civic/Integra interior harness while adding the E-plug and all its functions. This harness is made to work with the OEM K Series ECU's, Honda KPRO, AEM V2.
(Note: The stock US RSX ECU's have immobilizers.)

This harness may require the user to pull the shock tower plugs into the interior for a better fit and cleaner installation. You are also required to drill a small hole in your exhaust tunnel for the O2 Sensor plug.

There will be 5 wires to be connected to your factory ECU plugs (in some applications) with a diagram that accurately shows which wires to connect to.

Available for:

88-91 Honda CRX/Civic to K20/K24

92-95 Honda Civic/DelSol to K20/K24

96-00 Honda Civic to K20/K24

94-01 Acura Integra to K20/K24

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