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Three Way Adjustable Remote Reservoir Dampers

MCS Triple Adjustable Remote Reservoir Dampers

The MCS Three-Way Damper is the ultimate damper for anyone that demands ultimate performance. The Three-Way Remote Reservoir Canister has been designed to give the Engineer, Suspension Tuner, or Driver more control over the vehicle platform by adding adjustment to the low-speed compression damping performance.
Featuring 15 positions of high speed bump adjustment, And 15 positions in rebound on top of the piston rod. The Three-Way Triple Adjustable Damper gives you an additional 6 positions of low speed bump adjustment. The low speed bump adjuster is very effective in helping to control body roll while adding to turn in and is effective in controlling pitch and squat. The MCS Three-Way is our choice for high-end performance applications where the budget allows, including competitive autocross, club racing, and professional racing.