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Bosch 044 Universal 300lph High Flow Inline Fuel Pump
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Bosch 044 Universal 300lph High Flow Inline Fuel Pump

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Bosch 044 Universal 300lph High Flow Inline Fuel Pump

This is a 100% Genuine Bosch Motorsports "044" fuel pump, as used by American, Japanese, European + Australian performance/ tuner shops, JGTC cars, touring cars, almost all WRC cars, and many more. Quite possibly, the most popular aftermarket fuel pump. Capable of providing 300LPH free flow and 200LPH at 5 bar (72.5 psi) for up to 685HP. In comparison, the Walbro GSS341 255LPH "high pressure" fuel pump can support 390HP. Bosch 044's are inline fuel pumps. Although they may be installed in tank, some custom fabrication will usually be required. Bosch turbine fuel pumps offer many advantages when compared to older roller-cell and inner-gear pump designs. Not only do these pumps offer near silent operation and improved drivability, the core components of the turbine design significantly reduce wear and deliver a longer service life. That's an important consideration when choosing a performance fuel pump.

- M18x1.5 inlet
- M10x1.0 outlet
- Bosch Part Number: 0580 254 044
- Minimum Current: 12 Volts / 13 Amp
- Operating Pressure: 72.5 PSI (5 Bar)
- Minimum Flow @ Outlet: 80 GPH (300 LPH)
- Fuel Pump Location: Inline
- High-Temperature Reduction: 8 GPH (30 LPH)
- Length: 196 mm
- Diameter: 60mm
- Weight: 1030 Grams (2.27 Pounds)
- Electrical: + M6 / - M5

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