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Karcepts K-Series Swap Hubs
Karcepts K-Series Swap Hubs
Karcepts K-Series Swap Hubs

Karcepts K-Series Swap Hubs

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Karcepts K-Series Swap Hubs

Karcepts K-Series Swap Hubs provide the SOLUTION for retaining OEM RSX-S axles on K-Series powered Civics and Integras.

Like breaking axles? Didn't think so... Level 1 K-Swap axles just don't cut the mustard with a rating of only 200WHP. C'mon, whose K-swap doesn't make over 200WHP? Level 2.9 K-Swap axles are not much better of an alternative as they still utilize the smaller Civic/Integra axle spline and will run a good $800 for a pair. Yikes! So this is where OEM RSX-S axles fit in. They utilize a substantially larger axle spline to handle the higher horsepower and torque output that K-Series engines offer. Obviously, this larger spline is unable to be installed into OEM Civic or Integra hubs, so that is where our K-Series Swap Hubs come into play. Our hubs are modeled exactly after the OEM Civic and Integra hubs they replace, except that the splines now match that of the larger RSX-S axle.

- CNC turned out of high strength chrome-moly steel
- Retains OEM 4x100 bolt pattern
- Maintains OEM rotor-centric attributes
- Includes 2.50" long ARP extended studs
- Designed for the larger 29.50mm axle spline (36mm axle nut)
- OEM Type-S axles have proven time and again to easily sustain 300+ WHP

Use Karcepts P/N: KWH01 to replace factory OEM Honda hub P/N: 44600-S04-980 found on 70% of 1992-2000 Honda Civic models (these use a 38mm I.D. bearing).

Use Karcepts P/N: KWH02 to replace factory OEM Honda/Acura hub P/N: 44600-S04-A00 found on ALL 1994-2001 Acura Integra models and 30% of 1992-2000 Honda Civic models (these use a 43mm I.D. bearing).

If you are uncertain which OEM Honda hubs are used on your 1992-2000 Honda Civic, measure the I.D. (inner diameter) of your wheel hub bearing or consult your Honda dealer.

Install wheel hubs per the procedure called out in the Honda/Acura Service Manual. As instructed, ALWAYS use new wheel bearings for hub replacement.

When installing RSX-S axles into a 1992-2000 Honda Civic or 1994-2001 Acura Integra K-Series powered vehicle, for reliability, we HIGHLY recommend swapping the inner joints between the factory driver and passenger side RSX-S axles. Simply take your pair of RSX-S axles, remove the large boot clamps on the inner joints, slide the inner joints off from each axle (no banging required), and then re-install the inner joints to the other respective axle. You can find boot clamps at most auto parts stores that do not need any form of special tool in order to re-secure the boots to each inner joint. The K-Series engine sits closer to the left hand side of the chassis in a K-powered Civic or Integra in comparison to where a K-Series engine is normally positioned in the RSX-S chassis. Because of this, the left hand side axle will be slightly longer than ideal and the right hand side axle will be slightly shorter than ideal if simply installing stock (un-swapped) RSX-S axles. When swapping the inner joints between the pair of RSX-S axles, you are effectively decreasing the length of the left hand side axle and increasing the length of the right hand side axle in order to help compensate for the difference in engine positioning. This 10 minute additional step is not something to be overlooked during installation.

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