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Supertech Single Valve Springs Ti Retainers For 2018-2020 Audi RS3 & TTRS 20v 2.5L TFSI
Supertech Performance

Supertech Single Valve Springs Ti Retainers For 2018-2020 Audi RS3 & TTRS 20v 2.5L TFSI

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Supertech Performance Single Valve Spring and Titanium Retainer Kit 

Fits 2018-2020 Audi RS3 2.5L 20v TFSI Engines.

SPRK-A2416-5 - Supertech Single Valve Springs - 73 lb Seat Pressure
Outer Spring - 24.00mm OD - 16.50mm ID 
73 lb seat pressure @ 38.60mm
12.50mm Max Net Lift - Intake
11.00mm Max Net Lift - Exhaust
24.90mm Coil Bind 
10.50 lbs/mm Rate

Complete set of 20 Single Valve Springs and 20 Titanium Retainer's

This Package Includes: Supertech Performance Dual Valve Springs # SPR-A2416-5, Supertech Retainer part # RET-A2416/T1

Supertech Performance Single Valve Springs are made with premium Super Clean Chrome Silicon Vanadium Steel alloy for higher performance and durability at high rpms and better memory. Computer designed to ensure that wire stress levels do not overpass the limits of stress defined in the diagrams of fatigue for long durability under extreme conditions. Computer software also allows us to make sure that the harmonics are well under control. 
Titanium Retainers are manufactured with high quality military certified Titanium alloy, CNC machined for tight that will ensure long term durability. 
Supertech Performance is best known for high performance valves, and valvetrain components. With over 30 years of experience Supertech performance has been providing the racing market with first class parts for every type of racing application. Whether it is Drag Racing, IRL, Rally, Road Racing or any other motorsport for that matter, Supertech Performance has the perfect performance solution for your application.

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