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6 Hour Enduro Wrap Up -- Strong Finishing Position

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The longest race ever attempted by the IPG Race Team was a huge success. 6 Hours of road racing takes a toll on the car, drivers and crew but the IPG Team managed to run the entire race and actually finished in great position. The event was the annual PBOC Winterfest 6 Hour Enduro at Sebring Intl Raceway. (January 12th, 2012) A tough qualifying session put the team in the back of the pack in 42nd place to begin the race. But endurance racing isn't always about where you start, it is about consistency and reliability. Drivers Louis Murphy, Russell McMullen and Richy Gonzalez took turns with 1 hour driving stints throughout the 6 hours and consistent lap times and minimal problems lead the team to a 23rd finishing spot. Not bad at all considering the front running cars were from the likes of Aston Martin, Riley, and Porsche. All said and done the team went through about 50 gallons of gas, 4 Toyo R888 Tires, 1 Brake Rotor, and 1 Quart of oil during the approximately 450 miles of racing. It was a great experience and the team looks forward to competing in another similar race in the near future.

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