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ACT’s New SFI Approved Race Twin-Disc Kit for DSM Applications

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Race twin disc Kit for 6 bolt DSM’s Part #: T1RR-M01

ACT Race twin disc Kit for 7 bolt DSM’s Part #: T1RR-M02

The ACT Race twin-disc kit offers DSM enthusiasts a true race-ready complete direct bolt in clutch kit that requires absolutely no modifications. The ACT Race twin disc kit utilizes sintered iron discs for maximum holding capacity (770 lbs/ft of torque) and quick shifting while also offering twice the surface area for high heat capacity and long life.

Each kit has an overall weight of 16 lbs as compared to the 29 lb stock kit (a 45% decrease in weight) and results in a very low moment of inertia. With ACT’s ability to design and manufacture our own diaphragm springs, we were able to keep the pedal load to a minimal 20% increase over the stock pedal load. All ACT Race twin-disc kits are dynamically balanced in house as an assembly for trouble free use.

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