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AEM Front Brake Pad Clearance -- Smoking Deals !!!

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Clearance, Clearance, Clearance !!!! $35/set !!! We are liquidating a bunch of AEM Front Brake Pads for various applications. Some may not know but AEM had a complete brake division of their company for quite some time before selling it off and their braking components became quite popular on the market. We purchased a large quantity of these and are bringing the huge savings directly to our customers. Manufactured in conjunction with OE Japanese brake manufacturer Nissin, AEM High Performance Brake Pads are guaranteed to outperform stock pads and fit perfectly every time. Made from a unique ceramic-Kevlar fiber compound, these pads give you a higher coefficient of friction that translates into fade resistance, shortened braking distances, and reduced pedal effort. Additionally, since this compound is made from non-ferrous materials, the resulting brake dust is non-corrosive and will not deteriorate brake components. Features: - Asbestos-free - Made from non-ferrous ceramic-Kevlar compound - Performs and fits perfectly in OE brake systems - Produces light-colored dust that is barely noticeable on wheels - Low squeal properties Applications:
90-93 Honda Accord (26-115)
86-89 Acura Integra (26-125)
90-93 Acura Integra (26-125)
86-90 Acura Legend (26-125)
90-93 Honda Civic EX (26-125)
88-91 Honda Prelude SE, Si (26-125)
88-89 CRX Si (26-135)
88-91 CRX DX (26-135)
88-91 Civic Wagon (26-135)
88-96 Civic CX, DX, VX, Si (w/o ABS) (26-135)
88-96 Civic Sedan DX, LX (w/o ABS) (26-135)
93-95 Civic Coupe DX (26-135)
96-00 Civic DX, HX (26-135)
93-97 Del Sol S, Si w/o ABS (26-135)
94-01 Acura Integra (except Type R) (26-140)
02 RSX Base Model (26-140)
93-95 Civic Coupe EX w/ ABS (26-140)
94-95 Civic Si w/ ABS (26-140)
92-96 Prelude S, SE, Si Non-VTEC (26-145)

AEM Front Brake Pads for Civic, Integra, Del Sol, Accord

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