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Blox Drag Coilovers Real World Testing

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Racing is a great passion of ours here at IPG but we also use it as a way to test products and show our customers and fans what works and what doesn't work in the performance aftermarket. The IPG All Motor Civic has always been destined to be a test mule for some of the popular items on the market and now that we have some really consistent data on the way the car is currently setup we decided to throw a new part at it and see how much of a difference it could make.

Up until this point in time we just had a set of generic, full bodied threaded coilovers on the car that were originally designed for basic street use. They were height and dampening adjustable with a 8k front spring and a 5k rear spring. We have been running them at full stiff dampening and the car was working okay as far as we could tell. But now for a change. This past weekend we put a set of Blox Drag Pro Series on the car. We minimized the changes as much as possible to ensure the most accurate before and after data possible. We measured the existing ride height of the car, installed the Blox Drag Coilovers onto the car and set the car as close to that same ride height as possible. This allowed the alignment settings to remain as close as possible as well.

After the coilover installation we did throw the car on the corner scales to even out the front weight distribution. This was done by simply adjusting the ride height in a small 1/8" to 1/4" span. But other than that nothing else changed with the car setup. We ran the same EMS programming, same 2 step launch RPM, same shift points, same tires, same tire pressure, etc, etc. The Blox Drag Pro Series Coilovers are height adjustable only with a 12k front spring and a 18k rear spring. The shock valving is specifically designed for the spring rates being utilized. The coilovers are available for the 1992-1995 Honda Civic, 1996-2000 Honda Civic 1993-1997 Honda Del Sol and 1994-2001 Acura Integra. Mostly sold as a complete set of 4 although rear pairs only are available.

And now to the real testing data. We had approximately 10 very consistent passes in the All Motor Civic for the before comparison including (4) 11.67 1/4 mile ET time slips. The previous best passes were done at Palm Beach Intl Raceway during the March NSCRA event and the new testing was done at Orlando Speedworld during the War of the Imports event. Yes, the time slips are from different tracks but datalogging shows Air Intake Temps were very comparable and actually the new quicker passes showed a couple of the air intake temps even higher than that previous bests. Here are the best 4 before time slips all 11.67 ET's.

And here are the (3) best after Blox Drag Coilover installation passes.

As you can see by the data the 60' time picked up a couple of hundredths, the 330' time picked up a couple of hundredths and the 1/8th mile time picked up over a tenth of a second this all resulted in close to a 2/10th gain in the 1/4 mile time. Based on the data the coilover swap keeps the chassis more planted allowing more power to be put to the ground thus accelerating quicker and running quicker 1/4 mile times.

For all we know there may still be a better coilover option on the market for this car that we haven't tested yet but the Blox Drag Coilovers are a great bang for the buck and really do work.

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