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Brake Ducts for ITA Integra

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Since we started racing the ITA Integra we have consistently had braking issues. A cooling setup was on the to do list for quite some time and we finally got around to getting a nice setup done on it. All design and fabrication was done by Russell McMullen for us who also happens to be co-driving the car. A system was designed to use existing mounting points as much as possible to funnel the air directly into the center of the rotor. All mocked up on a spindle on a workbench here is what was came up with. Here are all the pieces after the initial fabrication and of course some noticeable powder coating.

Here is a view of the setup with the brake rotor and caliper removed so you can see how it mounts nicely on the spindle and directs the air flow where we want it as much as possible with the given space.

And with the brake rotor and caliper installed.

Lastly, here is a shot of the car from the front with the bumper installed and the entrance of the brake ducts installed. We still have some fine tuning to do with the setup but we are headed in the right direction to alleviate the ITA Integra braking issues.

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