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Happenings at the Shop

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We haven't had a shop update in a while so with 2016 coming to a close and 2017 on the horizon I snapped some quick pictures of various cars that are around the shop right now. This is a quick run down of car plans and racing plans for 2017. We are getting back to the roots of racing. Low cost and high enjoyment are the goals for 2017. The Turbo Civic is getting put back together. This car has seen a lot of setups over the 15 years that I have owned it and this time around is no different. It will be using our same bulletproof Mazworx Race Engines 1000 horsepower B18c powerplant with OEM transmissions for the time being. We have a Full Race Twin Scroll Top Mount Turbo manifold that is out at the coaters right now that will be the base for the Garrett GTW3884r 62mm Turbocharger. The goal will be a simple 550-650 horsepower engine setup that will be usable for a variety of different events. It may get driven on the street a bit, it may show up at some IFO FIS class events, it may show up at some roll racing events. The end goal is to have a usable car. Something that at a moments notice I can hop in and take out testing or to a car show. No specific plans other than for it to be in a ready to use state.

The Subaru BRZ is still the rock of the shop and being extremely enjoyed. It has proven to be a solid platform and reliable track car. The plan for it and 2017 is to leave it in the usable trim that it has been built to thus far and compete in the NASA TT events throughout Florida as well as continue to run as many HPDE events as possible. Right now it is ready to head to the track for the NASA event at Sebring Intl Raceway on January 7th-8th, 2017. I am still working on the classification for the NASA TT event but will most likely run it in the TTC class so that I can use the BFG R1s tires.

The newest addition to the shop is a 1993 1.6L Spec Miata. This car was purchased with budget endurance racing in mind, Chump Car in particular. The car is currently getting fitted with a new seat and the team has already signed up for the 10 hour race at Sebring Intl Raceway on December 31st, 2016. The good thing about this platform is that it can be raced in a wide array of venues from SCCA to Chumpcar to the World Endurance League and even the HSR (Historic Sportscar Racing) events. There will be no shortage of available events to attend and with the low Miata running costs and high reliability we are looking forward to a busy 2017 race season with it.

The 2007 Honda Civic Si Road Race car is still here and is on the market for sale. The car has worked well for us and we enjoyed the time that we have spent racing it but with ever changing goals and desires it does not have a place here at this moment in time.

And finally the All Motor CRX is around but will not be used much in 2017. It was a tough choice but deciding where to put marketing dollars and more importantly time has put a stop to this program for the time being. We are selling off most of the replaceable parts from the car but will keep the chassis and custom one-off stuff that is specific to this car for future use.

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