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Header, Wheels and Padding Oh My !

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Another quick update on Project Left, Right, Left EF. The car came with an Autopower 4 Point roll bar but did not have approved padding installed on it so we ordered in SFI Roll Cage Padding from Stroud (available from if you like) to fix the situation. Not difficult to install at all, it looks great too.

And since we had a nice Corbeau 4 Point safety harness here already we decided to donate that to the project as well. We left the stock seatbelt in place too so cruising around town will not be annoying.

A stock GSR header was sourced and our in house coating department ( not only coated the header in a nice Satin Black 2000 Degree Coating but the inner heat shield was powder coated in the same lime green we used on the valve cover. This is an understated look but at the same time does give the engine bay a bit more pop when the hood is open.

The street wheel package has arrived. The TR Motorsports C1 15x8 Wheels were fitted with 205/50/15 Kumho Ecsta AST Tires for street use (also available from The 15x8 wheels feature a +20 offset so the car will sit with a nice stance. We kept the tire selection for the C1 Wheels on the budget side since we do have some Kosei K1 Wheels with Toyo RA1 Tires on them for real track use.

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