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Integra RS Project Car Update - Engine Build, Coating

1994 Integra RS - K20 Powered 450 horsepower built k20 camo valve cover General gold hasport mounts IPG Coating ipg motorsports IPG Racing pboc project integra rs sebring turbocharged k20

We are getting close to beginning assembly on our Project 1994 Integra RS. Today we got the completely assembled longblock back from the machine shop. The Integra RS will be powered by a K20a2 Engine featuring:

Stock Cylinder Sleeves

CP Pistons, 86.5mm Bore with Upgraded Wrist Pins

Eagle H Beam Connecting Rods

ACL Race Bearings

Supertech STD Size Valves

Supertech Dual Valve Springs, Retainers and Seats

As with our previous Turbocharged K Series Project Car we plan on only running 93 Octane pump gas. We will be in good shape to make in the 475-525 wheel horsepower range with this engine setup. We also recently finished powder coating a couple of the engine bay parts. The Hasport mounts were given a new look with the combination of Gold mounts and Wrinkle Black Brackets. The Golden Eagle fuel rail as also coated the same gold to match the mounts and both of these gold colors match the gold in the Camo Valve Cover that will be run. Most of the parts are here for the assembly to begin on the Project Integra RS. We will begin the assembly process very soon and update you more shortly. The time frame to get the car down currently is by Sept 1st as the IPG crew is scheduled to be at Sebring Intl Raceway the weekend of Sept 12th-13th with the PBOC and would like to run the car during that event.

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