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IPG 2015 Spring Cleaning Sale

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This sale has now ended. Feel free to call us with any of your needs. 2015 Spring Cleaning Sale - Limited Quantities to what is listed. - All Parts are Brand New - Prices are plus shipping costs Email, Call 407-324-4684 or Message on Facebook to place an order.
11x Accel 195cc Fuel Injectors, Part # 153195 $15/each
2x ACL 5M8361H, Main Bearings for Toyota 3SGTE, STD Size $46/each
1x ACL 5M2975H, Main Bearings for Nissan SR20DE/DET GTiR STD $60
1x ACL 4M2633H, Main Bearings for VQ35DE, STD Size $58/each
3x ACL 5M1913H, Main Bearings for Honda F20c, F22c, STD Size $56/each
3x ACL 5M1959a, Main Bearings, Duraglide Series for B/K Series $14/each
3x ACL 5M1937a, Main Bearings for Honda F22a/b, H23a, STD $20/each
4x ACL 5M8353H, Main Bearings for Mazda Miata B6/BP/BP-T, STD Size $49/each
1x ACL 4B8320h, Rod Bearings for Subaru EJ20/EJ22/EJ25, 48mm $33
2x ACL 4B8366H, Rod Bearings Toyota 3SGTE, STD Size $41/each
1x ACL 4B1910a, Rod Bearings, Duraglide for Honda B16 $26
1x ACL DFL Coated Bearing Set for Honda B18a/B18b, B16, STD Size $180
1x AEM 21-716c, Cold Air Intake for '12+ Civic Si, Gunmetal $270
1x AEM 25-200BK, Fuel Filter for 94-01 Integra, 96-00 Civic, etc $100/each
2x AEM 30-4100 Wideband $150/each
1x Aeromotive 13101 Fuel Pressure Regulator, -10AN Inlet, -6AN Return $140
2x Aeromotive 12301 Fuel Filter, -10AN , 10 Micron $80/each
10x AP Racing 600 Brake Fluid $15/each
1x ARP Extended Wheel Studs, # 100-7719, 90-05 Miata Front Wheel $19
1x ARP 201-4302, Head Studs for BMW M50 2.5L $155
1x ARP 151-5403, Main Studs for Ford Escort 1600cc $85
1x ARP 218-5401, Main Studs for Mazda Miata $80
1x ARP 102-4701, Head Studs for Nissan SR20det $140
1x ARP 202-5406, Main Studs for Nissan L24, L26, L28 $93
1x ARP 203-4206, Head Studs for Toyota 2TC, 3TC $124
2x ARP 204-4101, Head Studs for VW, Audi 1.8T, M11 w/out Tool $175/each
1x Avid Racing Driver Side B Series, 88-91 Civic/CRX Mount $75
1x B&M 45074 Pro Short Shifter for 88-00 Civic, 90-01 Integra $125
2x BBS 15x3.5 Drag Wheels / Skinnies with M&H 24x3.6x15" Tires $1,300
1x Blackworks Racing Rear Toe Kit for 88-00 Civic, 90-01 Integra $65
1x Blox BXCM-10104 Camshafts, Tuner Series HSL for B16/B18c $330/set
1x Blox BXCM-10102 Camshafts, Tuner Series Type B for B16/B18c $330/set
1x Blox BXIM-00201 Throttle Body, B/D/H/F Billet Throttle Body, 68mm $195
1x Blox BXIM-00202 Throttle Body, B/D/H/F Billet Throttle Body, 70mm $195/each
1x Blox BXEX-20100 Test Pipe, 2.25", Adjustable for Civic/Integra $63
1x Blox BXEX-20101 Test Pipe, 2.5", Adjustable for Civic/Integra $63/each
3x Blox BXSS-10101-EL End links, Fixed Set for 94-01 Integra, 92-00 Civic $28/each
2x Blox Silver Rear Lower Control Arms, 88-95 Civic/CRX, 90-01 Integra, BXSS-20103-SI $75/each
1x Blox Silver Rear Lower Control Arms for 96-00 Civic, BXSS-20104-SI $75
2x Blox BSSS-10101-AEL Adjustable End Links for 94-01 Integra, 92-00 Civic $30/each
3x Blox 06-11 Civic Si 21mm Rear Sway Bar, BXSS-10103 $120/each
1x Carrillo Pro H Rods, BM-S50-1>-65602S, BMW S50B30 (Euro) $1,350
2x Centric 121.40021 Brake Rotors, Front Blanks for 94-01 Integra, 262mm $20/each
1x CG Lock for OEM Style Seatbelts $45
2x Cometic Top End Gasket Kit for Toyota 4AGE, Pro2041t $138/each
2x Cometic Bottom End Gasket Kit for Toyota 4AGE, Pro2041b $18/each
2x Cometic Top End Gasket Kit for Honda D16z6, Pro2000t $120/each
2x Cometic Bottom End Gasket Kit for Honda D16z6, Pro2000b $40/each
1x CP Pistons SC7501, Dodge Neon SRT4, 88mm, 8.5:1 Comp $400
2x CP Single Pistons SC7124x, 86mm Bore, 13.2:1 for B Series $280
1x CP Pistons SC7126, D16a6, 75.5mm Bore, 11.0:1 Comp $400
1x CP Pistons SC7128, D16z6, 75.5mm Bore, 10.5:1 Comp $400
1x CP Single Piston, SC7118, 84.5mm Bore, 11.5:1 Comp for B Series $100
1x CP Pistons SC7005, B18a/B18b, 81mm Bore, 9.0:1 Comp $400
12x CP Pistons Standard Wrist Pins for B Series Engines) $10/each
1x Driveshaft Shop Level 0 Axles for 02-05 Civic Si $220
1x Driveshaft Shop Level 0 Axles for K Swap into 88-91 Civic/CRX $240
1x Eagle Rods, CRS5630H3D, for H22 $295
1x Eagle Rods, CRS5430A3D for B18c/B18c1/B18c5 $295
1x Eagle Rods, CRS5428T3D, for Toyota 3SGTE $295
1x Eagle Rods, CRS5470K3D, for Acura K20 $295
9x Earls -3AN Hose End, Zinc Plated 600103ERL $6/each
1x Earls Pair of -3AN to Male 10mm x 1.0 Fittings, Zinc Plated 592032ERL $9
1x Earls -5AN Tube Nut, Blue, Pair, # 581805ERL $3
1x Earls -6AN Male to -5AN Male Union Reducer, Blue, # 991907ERL $5
1x Edelbrock 4756, Performer X For D16y8 $275
1x Edelbrock 4754, Performer X for D16z6 $225
2x Edelbrock 4771, Performer X For B18c1, GSR $285/each
1x Eibach 5.81280K Front Camber Bolts - 02-05 Civic, 02-06 CRV, 02-04 RSX $20
1x Flexalite Oil Filter Sandwich Adapter Kit, Part # 3961, 3/4-16" Thread $20
1x Forge Diverter Valves for Porsche 996/997 Turbo $100
1x Fuel Injector Clinic 1650cc Injectors for B/D/H $600
1x Fuel Injector Clinic 900cc Injectors for B/D/H $330
1x Golden Eagle 88mm Bore H22 Head gasket $85
1x Golden Eagle 90mm Bore H22 Head gasket $85
1x Golden Eagle Main Girdle for B Series $245
1x Hawk Blue Brake Pads, HB159E.492, for 94-05 Miata, Rear $85
20x Hawk HB209 Black Brake Pads, Civic/CRX, inquire for full application list $25/each
1x Hawk HB136 Black Brake Pads, for BMW E30/E36/E46 $40
2x Honda OEM Head Gasket, 12251-P08-004, D16z6 $50/each
1x Honda OEM 1998 Integra Type R Front Lip, Championship White $450
1x Injector Dynamics 725cc, Set of 6 for 2jzgte (11mm), VG30dett, NSX $525
1x Injector Dynamics ID2000 for B/D/H Series Engines $744
1x Injen SP1579p, Cold Air Intake for '12+ Civic Si, Polished $250
1x Innovative 90-93 Integra Cable to Hydro Transmission Mount #49320 $75
1x Hytech Oil Pan Baffle for K20z3 Engine/Pan with K20a2 Pump $420
1x K&N Drop In Air Filter for 07-09 Acura MDX $39
1x K-Tuned Black Shift Knob $60
2x K-Tuned HON-BAN-06, Banjo Fitting for OEM Fuel Filters, -6AN $10/each
3x Kirkey 41500 Pro Drag Seats, Local Pickup Only $165/each
2x Koni 8610-1415Sport Shocks, Front for 02-06 Acura RSX $147/each
6x Koni 8041-1213Sport Shock, Rear for 96-00 Civic $116/each
2x Lenso Scratch and Dent Gunmetal 13x7.5 Wheels $240/pair
________________ Scratched Lips from Shipping
1x Manley Sportsman H Beam Rods for Subaru EJ20/22/25, 14024-4 $295
2x MFactory 3.07 1st Gear for JDM Type R Transmissions w/ 4.7 Final $220/each
2x MFactory Differential Bolts for Clutch Type LSD's, B Series $40/each
1x MFactory Differential Bolts for Clutch Type LSD's, K Series $40
2x Mickey Thompson 22x8x13 Drag Slicks $160/each
1x Momo Steering Wheel Hub, #4911, for 92-95 Civic $65
1x Mishimoto Radiator Hose Kit, 92-00 Civic with B Series, Black $80
1x Moroso Oil Pan Stud Kit, M6 x 1.00 x 35mm, Part # 38366 (22 studs/nuts) $25
12x NGK 4554 Spark Plugs, R5671A-8 $2/each
2x OmniPower USA 3 Bar Map Sensor for Mitsubishi $72/each
2x OmniPower USA 3 Bar Map Sensor for K Series $72/each
1x OMP Style Seat, Black $330
2x PLM K Swap Headers for EG/DC/EK $325/each
2x PLM Standard Type Tri-Y B Series Headers $200/each
1x Prothane 8-308 Bushing Set, Rear Lower Control Arm Bushings for 96-00 Civic $45
1x Racequip Spring Loaded Pin Window Net Kit, #700101 $25
1x Revo Technica Front Camber Kit for 88-91 Civic/CRX $92
1x Russell 689710 Brake Lines, 04-07 WRX STi $95
1x Russell 684630 Brake Lines, 01-05 Civic EX/LX/DX with Rear Drums $65
1x Russell 686910 Brake Lines, 03-06 350z / Infiniti G35 with STD Brakes $65
2x Russell 660410, -3AN to 1/8" NPT Fitting, Blue $3/each
3x Russell 660423, -4AN to 1/8" NPT Fitting, Black $4/each
1x Russell 670510, -6AN to 12mm x 1.5 Male Fitting $4
7x SCE Copper Head gaskets for B Series VTEC, #91384 $35/each
8x Supertech PEEVN-28603 Valves, Peugeot 206 $108/set
8x Supertech PEEVN-28606 Valves, Peugeot 206 $108/set
1x Supertech Valve Set for RB25det, Solid Lifters, Inconel Exhaust Valves, Set of 24 $525/set
1x T3 Turbo Blanket, Black, Unknown Brand $40
1x Techna Fit Steel Braided Brake Lines for 96-00 Civic w/ Rear Drums $70
1x Tial GT30/GT35 Turbine Housing, 0.64 A/R $350
3x Tial Silver MVS Wastegate $240/each
1x Tial Red MVS Wastegate $240
1x Tial Silver MVR Wastegate $330
1x Titan Motorsports SR20det Downpipe $60
1x TurboStart 16v Voltage Step-Down Resistor, #16VRES $50
1x Vibrant 2869, 3" OD 180 Degree Aluminum Bend $32
1x Vibrant 2177, 2.5" ID, 45 Degree Aluminum Bend $22
1x Vibrant 14310, Mild Steel T3 Flange $19
4x Wilwood 120-8542 Calipers, Billet Dynapro 4 Piston, Black $185/each
3x Wilwood 150-8946K Brake Pads, BP-10 Brake Pads Set $42/each
1x Wilwood 260-8794 Brake Lines, Tandem Master Cylinder,1" Bore Size $95

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