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IPG All Motor Project Finally Makes Some #'s

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The IPG All Motor project has finally had most kinks worked out and hit the dyno again today to finally lay down some good horsepower and torque #'s. We are getting close to having it ready for the track and it should run some solid 1/4 mile times with the power it is making. 277 Wheel Horsepower and 187 ft lbs of Torque will motivate our lightweight EG down the track quickly. This is the only dyno graph image we have currently but will work on getting a shot of the actual curve plotted against RPM as computer issues at the dyno halted us from the information for the time being. From the outset of the project we had hoped to make around 280 wheel horsepower so we are right in line with our expectations and are very happy with the job Darin did tuning the Motec M4. We should have some video footage coming shortly that we can post and once the car is cleaned up a bit more we will take a bunch of more pictures to show the current state of the project.

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