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IPG is Giving away a Brand New AEM Wideband !!!!

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We like giving away free things here at IPG. Over the last month or so Friday has been the giveaway day and we are going to up the value a bit with this one. IPG is giving away a brand new AEM Wideband Kit -- Part # 30-4100 -- a $222 Value !!! The giveaway is being run through our Facebook page at Here is how it is going to work. Print up this Logo or save it to your computer (yes, it is clickable): Logo

We want you to take a picture of this logo in the most creative place you can think of or photoshop the logo in the most creative way you can think of and post it on our Facebook wall at

Any questions ? We want creative -- not gross, disturbing or aggravating. We are more of the funny, ironic, dry comedy type of people so keep that in mind.

The staff at IPG will be voting for the winner so I suggest you butter us up as much as possible.

The winner will be chosen on Friday, February 18th, 2011 at 5 PM Eastern Standard time and the item will be shipped out on Monday to the winner.

Don't let this chance pass you buy -- get creative !!!

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