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Lamin-X Tail Light Overlays Installed on STi

2008 Impreza WRX STi lamin-x lamin-x overlays lamin-x sti lamix-x taillight Project Cars sti overlays sti tailight overlays

One of the things about our 2008 WRX STi that has irked us from the day we got the car was the clear tail lights. With the use of the Lamin-X Tail Light Overlays we have fixed the appearance and are happy with the outcome. The Lamin-X Overlays are an inexpensive film option that will still allow the correct amount of illumination from the Tail Light bulbs to shine through while completely changing the look of the rear of the car. We chose to cut out the reverse lamp and turn signal sections to give it a great look.

Here are the Before and After Pictures:

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