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Newest IPG Project Car -- 1994 Integra RS -- K Series

1994 Integra RS - K20 Powered 500 horsepower k series integra a/c k20 integra integra rs integra street car ipg integra k20a2 rods and pistons p/s integra k20 turbo k series integra

Introducing IPG's newest Project Car. This is a 1994 Acura Integra RS that we recently purchased with a K Series Powerplant in its future. In fact we are going to use the majority of the parts from our '92 Civic VX K Series that we stripped down for it. The goal for this car is to make is as complete of a street car as possible. Meaning we plan on running it on 93 octane pump gas, full interior, air conditioning, power steering, etc, etc. 500 horsepower, 10 second 1/4 mile times, road racing fun and take it out on a hot Florida day for some errands should fit the bill.

We found this beautiful car in Lexington, KY and flew up to take possession and drive it back. The car is already nicely setup with Enkei Wheels, Koni Yellow Shocks, Ground Controls, upgraded brake pads, Sparco Seat and more. It was in good running form, in fact we pulled the stock B18b engine from it and that is currently powering our ITA Integra and holding up like a champ.

Changes from the previous K Series Setup before we put it into this new chassis include utilizing a K20a2 block with rods and pistons installed (instead of the K24a2 block we were running). We did full Supertech valves and valvetrain in the K20a2 Cylinder head and are changing from the Full Race Top Mount turbo manifold to a BRMS Sidewinder Turbo manifold. The majority of the parts to start the project are already here. The engine should be finished up at the machine shop this week and we can start initial assembly of the new setup. Stay tuned for more updates on this one. It is going to be one heck of a street car.

1994 Acura Integra RS -- Turbo K Series

1994 Acura Integra RS

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