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Quick IPG Shop Update - K Powered CR-Z and FG2 Race Chassis

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Just a little update of what is going on in the shop here at IPG. The K24/K20 CRZ Project is nearing the end of the mock up stage, Finishing touch's, plumbing and wiring will be completed in the coming week. We have also started on the transformation of our All Motor Drag program. Utilizing a more current 2006 Honda Civic Si chassis. Along with a new engine being built by our friends at Inline Pro. The FG2 Race Chassis build is a bit behind schedule but we will get it cranked out ASAP. Should be fun having a newer chassis race car out at the track.

K24 Powered Honda CR-Z

K20/K24 Powered Honda CR-Z

K Series CR-Z

K Series Powered Honda CR-Z CRZ

CR-Z and FG2 Race Car

2006 Honda Civic Si All Motor Drag Car

CR-Z and 2006 Civic Si

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