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Rare and Hard To Find Parts Section Launching

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It should be pretty evident by now that we lean towards the Honda / Acura Market and have for years. As an enthusiast it is always fun to find those hard to find and rare OEM and aftermarket parts. IPG will be launching a Rare and Hard to Find parts section of our Blog.

The basic idea of this section is to start to gather information on Rare Honda parts that we just find cool and hopefully be able to offer some background information on those products. I often find myself coming across a product that I have never seen before and in trying to do research on it there is very limited information. This was just the case this past weekend as I was perusing the and found a Mugen Exhaust System for a 1984-1987 Honda CRX ( ). I had no idea that this product even existed until now and upon doing some searching on the product to find some more information it was very limited on what was available. That ordeal spauned this idea. I figured if I can start to document as much as possible those great, rare honda parts and fill this Blog section with valuable information we can all start to connect the dots on what parts were / are available and have a good source for reliable information. With all of that in mind we need your assistance to. If you have a great rare honda part and would like to supply us some pictures, information, etc on it we can gladly add it to our database to hope to continue to document the evolution of the Honda Performance Part market.

84-87 Honda CRX Mugen Exhaust System

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