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Rare Parts: Mugen N1 Steering Wheel

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I am always on the hunt to find cool, rare parts on the market. Surprisingly after doing this for so many years I am still coming across new parts that I never knew existed.

Enter the Mugen N1 Steering Wheels.

This is a really cool piece of Mugen history because apparently these are so limited in production because they mainly went to actual N1 Race Teams for use in their race cars. Very few of these seem to be on the market and known about. Offered in both Leather and Suede the Suede ones are the holy grail for anyone that happens to have one of those. The leather ones still bring a premium when they come to the market as well. From basic research it seems the leather ones fetch in the $2500 range while the suede ones can be well into the $3k range if not a bit more.

These are an assortment of images that I found throughout the internet and will gladly give credit where credit is due if these images are yours. Just shoot me a message.

Nice to learn about a new part and even better to find such quality photo's of it so that hopefully others can enjoy the history for years to come.

If you have anything else that you can add to the history or information regarding this product we would love to hear from you to continue the hunt for new history.

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