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Ricky Bobby: "I wanna go fast!" IPG All Motor Car Reincarnation

105mm x 90mm 64mm kinsler itb's all motor shootout all motor street honda asp header drag cartel General ipg motorsports IPG Racing k20 k24 motec m4 ppg gearset

Take what you can get. Some of you know that we recently acquired a pretty cool 3/4 Chassis Pro All Motor Acura Integra. We had lots of ideas of what to do with it from running it as it sits to just completely selling off the entire car. The ideal situation pretty much fell into our laps as we found a buyer to purchase the complete rolling chassis and we had an incredible drivetrain left over to do something with. Luckily we have a chassis for it and so began the transformation of the IPG All Motor Civic.

Out came the B Series parts (many of them are still for sale, please inquire) and in went the Drag Cartel built K Series Powerplant. We are still getting parts installed, wired and mounted but should be close to starting and tuning the new beast within the next 10-14 days. Engine setup consists of: Drag Cartel Built 105mm Stroke x 90mm Bore Engine Kinsler 64mm ITB's ASP Header PPG Gearbox Motec M4 This should be a pretty potent setup. The IPG Crew has been working diligently on getting the engine into the chassis the IPG Way. No corners are being cut and we are striving to build not only one of the nicest looking setups around but also a very quick contender in the Street All Motor Ranks. Darin Dichiara of Double D Tuning will handle the tuning duties and we should be getting the car to the dyno within the next 2 weeks. The goal is to have the car dyno tuned, tested and ready to put into the trailer for the Englishtown Fall Nationals All Motor Shootout. Here are a couple of shots of the work done so far.

B Series Gone, Prepped for K Series

PPG K Series Transmission Ready To Go

Badass Drag Cartel Motec Harness

Engine mounted in Chassis, working on accessories

Hood cut for ITB's and Header

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