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Skunk2’s New Black Series Lug Nuts

12 x 1.5mm 12x1.5mm aluminum lug nuts black alumium lug nuts civic racing lug nuts open end lug nuts Products racing lug nuts set of 16 lug nuts skunk2 black lug nuts skunk2 lug nuts

Forged Lug Nut 12 x 1.5 Black Series 16 pcs Part #: 520-99-0853

Forged Lug Nut 12 x 1.5 Black Series 20 pcs Part #: 520-99-0855

Skunk2’s already popular, forged aluminum Lug Nuts are now available in an exclusive Black Series finish. Forged from ultra-strong 7075 aluminum, Skunk2 Lug Nuts feature knurled ends for maximum grip, hard anodizing for superior corrosion resistance, and an attractive matte finish. Skunk2’s lightweight Lug Nuts have also been proven on the race track for nearly a decade so you can be assured of both quality and longevity.

Weighing in at a lightweight, industry-leading 23.5g, Skunk2 Lug Nuts help reduce unsprung weight but without compromising strength. Each lug nut also features a perfectly tapered end for maximum wheel-to-lug contact as well as durable threads for added longevity. Skunk2's Black Series Lug Nuts are currently available in a 12mm x 1.5mm thread pitch, compatible with most Honda and Acura applications.

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