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Tom's CRX Getting K Loved

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Anyone that knows me knows that I love a good deal. Tom has been working on his B16 powered CRX for the last year or so and has turned it into a very nice, usable car. It runs consistent 13.60s at the drag strip and is potent around the autocross tracks as well. But with anything in life you always want more. (Insert AT&T Commercial here with little girl just wanting More, More More). That more for Tom comes in the never ending quest for more horsepower. We have been tossing around idea's for the last 2-3 months in regards to Tom's car and more horsepower and those included options from swapping in a B20 block to turbocharging it to supercharging it. (I even really made a push to just spray the damn thing with a 100 shot and call it a day)

No decisive action was taken and things were starting to get aligned to do a B20 Block setup in the car and then the internet intervened. Tom stumbled on a K20a2 swapped CRX in Maryland that had a very attractive price tag. Looking at the parts list, the asking price and the newness of the parts included wheels started turning. You ever heard the saying the best way to budget a project is to start with someone else's abandoned project? Well if you haven't take note. The best values possible to build your own project is to pick up smoking deals on abandoned projects. The donor K20 Powered CRX we found was a recently done swap with all brand new parts that the owner of the car realized he just didn't use enough so decided to sell it off. Seeing the body of the car tells you it was definitely a project and the body of the car most likely deterred a lot of other potential buyers but we had a plan and this car was perfect for our plan. All we want/need from the donor car is the complete drivetrain to swap into Tom's CRX. This is how you make strides with your project quickly and save a bunch of money in the long run. Tom's complete B16 engine is being pulled and parted out and all the parts off of the donor CRX that we don't need will be pulled and sold off. As you can see the donor CRX's body is nothing to write home about so that will just be scrapped once we have taken all the good parts off of it.

This is how you turn a 13 second B series powered CRX into a possible 11 second K series powered CRX in less than a week and for a little budget.

The engine from Tom's car was pulled before the donor CRX arrived in from Maryland and we are already in the process of selling off his B Series Swap parts so if there is anything you are after hit us up and we can let you know if it is available still and the pricing.

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