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08+ WRX STi 3" Magnaflow Exhaust Install and Sound Clips

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Recently we installed a Magnaflow 3" Stainless Steel Catback exhaust on the 2008 Impreza WRX STi. Other parts on the car include Perrin Equal Length Header, Cobb Tuning Catted Downpipe, Cobb Accessport (tuned), BC Racing Coilovers, Volk Gramlight Wheels. We loved the way the OEM exhaust sounded with the other parts installed on the car and really never had plans of changing it. A great promotional deal on the Magnaflow exhaust system was offered so we figured we would at least give it a shot. Out of most of the exhaust on the market for the 08+ WRX STi the Magnaflow is one of the nicer looking ones keeping with the Quad Tip design and not being over the top as far as looks. The sound is very nice as well. In conjuction with the Perrin EL Header and Cobb Catted downpipe we have a nice deep tone. We definitely prefer the EL header sound versus the OEM Unequal Length Header sound on the WRX STi. Purists will say we are nuts but that is the sound we prefer here at IPG. Check it out for yourself:

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