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2012 Honda Civic Si Race Car Build Progress

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Had this car for what seems like forever now and was always destined to be a race car from the moment I bought it. The EP3 Civic Si is officially sold and waiting transport to its new owner out west. Figured since we are finally making some solid headway with this car time to throw some information up about it for conversation sake. 2012 Honda Civic Si '08 K20z3 2.0L Engine for STL rules cage was done by BSI in Daytona We are a long way from done but we are hoping to have it ready to turn laps at Daytona for the SCCA event on May 3rd-4th I am very excited to say the least...This is officially the last time I build a race car from scratch (I told myself that 2 race cars ago) but I think really did learn my lesson this time. I told the guys this is my 10 year car...I hope to race this car for the next 10 years so lets do it all right the first time (as much as possible)...we shall see. As purchased:

Stripping it down

After getting it back from BSI

Prep Cage for Paint:

Painted Cage (done by Samuel's Auto Body in Sanford, Florida - great group of guys):

Got the engine into the chassis at the end of last week:

Rear suspension went on today:

Front suspension in waiting:

Mock up of graphics:


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