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Update on the K20 CRX

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We have continued to toy around with the K20 CRX here at the shop. The goal is still on the path of seeing how quick we can go with the 2.0L engine but we have moved towards working over the top end of the engine with some aftermarket parts to get to where we want to be. We kind of hit a wall with the stock internal K20a/K20a2 plans. Pretty content with the progress we made with a stock from Honda engine it is time to turn it up a bit.

The logical path lead us to work on the cylinder head to make some more horsepower while leaving the short block stock. We contacted 4Piston and had them do one of their K Series Pro 156 cylinder heads for the project. Since we were doing a head now was a good time to go ahead and install Supertech Valvetrain components to avoid having to do it down the road. The plan was to dyno it with just the head so we had some reference dyno numbers and then install camshafts to put it over the edge. The head did well. Picking up about 10 horsepower over the stock head. Not bad for stock K20a camshafts and a stock K20a engine block. We then tried some Kelford B camshafts without very good results. After looking at all the data we feel we over cammed the engine. Bigger is not always better. So out came the Kelford B's and in went the stock K20a camshafts again. A fresh tune on E98 made a very solid power band and off to the track we went for some more passes. Only able to muster more 11.3x passes at 118-119mph but still very good considering the weather conditions of the night. Next we are going to try a a different set of camshafts to attempt to pick up 10-12 more horsepower. That will really get us in the ball park of horsepower we thought we would need to run a 10 second pass in the CRX. Doing it on a stock K20a shortblock would be quite impressive. Only time will tell as we continue to work at it.

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