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2017+ Honda Civic Type R Suspension - Good, Better, Best

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The 17+ Honda Civic Type R (FK8) had a reputation that preceded it. Anything with a Type R nomenclature from Honda is expected to be brilliant and after a couple of years of the car being on the market it seems the FK8 is living up to the hype. Mechanically it is a modern marvel. Honda continues to throw its name in the ring of being able to build the best handling FWD cars that have ever existed. Aesthetically you can still find a spirited conversation wherever you are going both ways on the looks but as a brute force in its class it is the top dog.

The aftermarket support for the platform has been quick and worthwhile. There are quite a few nice aftermarket options for handling, power and overall usability. One of the first things that a lot of enthusiasts do when it comes to their new car is suspension tuning. A lowered ride height goes a long way to please the eye while when done correctly also makes a nice difference in handling.

Here is a quick reference guide for good, better, best options when it comes to quick suspension changes for your new Honda Civic Type R:

GOOD Eibach Pro-Plus Kit.

Eibach has been around the block a time or two and understands what it takes to tune a vehicles suspension for performance and drivability. Their Pro-Plus Kit includes a set of their Pro-Kit springs which lowers the vehicle a mild 0.7” and their Front and Rear Sway Bars. The Adaptive Damper System that comes from the factory is still in use when using the Eibach springs and that makes this setup all the more worth it. The front bar is 32mm tubular and non-adjustable while the rear 25mm tubular bar is 2 way adjustable. The genius of this kit is how well it replicates the stock ride quality. You get the look and spirited driving performance while still being able to romp over those rough roads on your daily commute. This kit is perfectly capable of handling your weekend track duties in a way that most suspension companies can only dream of as you comfortably take the long way home afterwards.

** There is a good reason you see our Good, Better, Best list jump from your basic spring setup at the entry level to a high quality (and pricier) full aftermarket coilover. Honda spent untold thousands of dollars on a high tech Adaptive Damper System that is magnificent off the showroom floor and if you think any of those (insert Taiwan brand name here) $800-1200 coilovers on the market are going to come anywhere close to what the OEM components can already do you need to do a lot more homework **

BETTER KW Variant 3 Coilovers.

KW is German for badass suspension tuning company. KW has honed their prowess working with OE manufacturers and racing around the world. They have the experience and know how to build road compliant yet track focused coilovers right out of the box. Their Variant 3 kits are height adjustable and 2 way dampening adjustable offering you a wide assortment of setup options. Generally used with softer sprung choices than their competition is what continually gives them the edge when it comes to dual use coilovers. The 16 clicks of rebound dampening and 12 clicks of compression dampening allow even the most in depth suspension analyst plenty of options to fine tune their vehicle although from personal experience they are set quite well right out of the box. All parts are tested on their state of the art 7 post rig and bring a limited lifetime warranty.

BEST Motion Control Suspension.

So now you are going pro huh? Motion Control Suspension is full of pro’s that know exactly what you are looking for in your next shock. They offer options from your basic 1 way adjustable damper to 3 way remote reservoir options so you can geek out and build your dream setup. All options are built a la carte to ensure you are getting the exact product to meet your exact use. Autocross, Time Attack and Road Racing are all realms they have vast experience setting cars up for so don’t be shy about using their knowledge. The thing about high end dampers when you get there is when you click a compression setting or understand and want more rebound a single movement of the shock makes a huge difference in the performance. This being said they can support a larger range of spring rates on the same valving ultimately saving you time and money as you dial your chassis in.

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