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All Motor CRX Gets Quicker - 9.84 @ 140mph

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The off season has been a busy time for the IPG crew as the All Motor CRX received a completely new engine. Ending last year with a stellar 9.92 @ 138mph time slip the drive to go quicker and faster took over and a bigger, badder engine was planned out for the start of the 2015 race season. Working with JBR Engines and Drag Cartel a 99mm stroke x 89mm bore engine was created using the best of the best parts.

Jeremy Lookofsky of Drag Cartel performed his newest and most efficient cylinder head program and finished it up with Supertech Titanium Valves and PSI Valve Springs. With the top end sorted Jose Bello of JBR Engines custom spec'ed a set of JE Pistons and mounted them on some GRP Aluminum Rods to stuff it all inside a Darton Sleeved Block from Mazworx. Along the line a Xenocron front subframe was ordered in and installed to stop having to fix the broken OEM front subframe that had become a common occurrence and the non-stop quest to make the CRX the best it can be by Tom Creen continued.

Dyno time came and the fresh engine through the newly modified Hayward intake manifold managed 374 wheel horsepower. Approximately a 5.9% bump from where the team was at during the end of the 2014 race season. It would be good start to get some passes on the chassis and see where it can go from there. The first test sessions at Palm Beach Intl Raceway netted the a 9.88 @ 140mph pass backed up by a 9.89 @ 140mph pass. The increased MPH in the hot Florida weather shows the potential for the new powerplant.

The first event of the year was the GRS-Motorsports All Motor Shootout at Orlando Speedworld and driver Tom Creen quickly took the #1 qualifying spot with a 9.84 @ 140mph pass. Unfortunately a noise from inside the engine become apparent on the return road so the team was forced to retire for the event. The engine has now been pulled and is back in the hands of Bello at JBR Engines to get it ready to roll again.

The team next races at the All Motor Shootout presented by on April 25th-26th, 2015. Going to be a very quick and fast year for the IPG All Motor CRX.

Engine Specs:

Darton Sleeved K20a2 Block by Mazworx

Custom Spec JE Pistons, 89mm Bore by JBRE

GRP Aluminum Rods

OEM Honda 99mm Crankshaft

Drag Cartel cylinder Head

PSI Valve Springs

Drag Cartel 4.5 Camshafts

Supertech Titanium Valves

Hayward Performance Intake Manifold

Skunk2 90mm Throttle Body

Fuel Injector Clinic 2150cc Injectors

DTR Header

VP M5 Methanol

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