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All Motor CRX Latest News

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The last 2 seasons with the All Motor CRX have been trying to say the least. Although we have shown moments of glory running a best of 9.75 @ 144mph it has mostly been a grind through mechanical issues. For 2016 the goals and ideas for the car have changed a bit and with a smaller budget than years previous picking a few select events and building a reliable engine setup were the main priorities. We are once again getting close to firing up the latest generation of engine for the CRX. It consists of Drag Cartel Spec JE Pistons with Carrillo Rods, machined and assembled by Mazworx Race Engines and a Drag Cartel CNC Cylinder Head with their latest 3 lobe Pro Elite 5.0 Camshafts. Running an OEM Honda 99mm Crankshaft and a 89.5mm Bore the engine displacement will be right just under 2.5L and we will fuel it with VP M5 Methanol.

Other changes include the TracTuff water pump housing delete plate. After consistent issues with other brands TracTuff introduced a product that should work as it is expected for years to come. We will also be trying out a new Ross Machine Racing 90mm Throttle body at the end of the Hayward Intake Manifold. We have a 2nd Hayward intake manifold as well that we will use for testing purposes as it is their latest design. A fresh Tilton Twin Disc Cerametallic Clutch will be installed as well. The old unit gave us a solid 4 years of racing in engine setups in 3 different cars with only clutch disc changes as needed. Got our monies worth on that one.

For 2016 we are also going to make a change on slicks. We have been die hard Mickey Thompson slick users for 10 years now and we still believe in them but we have grown our relationship with M&H and to be perfectly honest with you M&H actually cares about the racers in this market and cater to them so we find it best for us to support a brand that is committed to us. We will most likely test both the M&H 24.5x8.5x13 size and the M&H 24.5x9.5x13 size as time and money allows. Tom spent a considerable amount of time redoing the entire engine bay. He stripped, primed, and in general made it better than new with a fresh coat of paint with the assistance of Roberto Falcon. The next step in the process is to now get the engine running, on the dyno and send it down the quarter mile track a couple of times to get back into the swing of things.

Getting back to basics and running the CRX Race Program the way we know we can. Racing is not always a kill everything, every time venture. At times it is best to take the slow, long term approach.

Stay tuned for a list of events that we plan on attending as it is not finalized yet but the race debut is planned at the Import Face Off Event in Pittsburgh, PA on June 26th, 2016. To keep on top of all the latest with and our Race / Project efforts check out our Facebook page at 

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