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It takes a lot of effort and energy to be mad and consumed in everyone else's business.

Still amazes me the amount of time and emotional energy people will spend arguing on the internet, inserting themselves in everyone else's business and in general encompassing themselves in someone else's life.

This thought started off as a commentary against the sheep of the industry. This is the new hottest, latest and need it !!! That is what people tell me all the time. This is completely false 95% of the time. This is just a way for them to put more money in their pocket which I will never argue against but it needs to have merit. A lot of the time they don't even care if it works or not. IPG has slowly dropped and rid ourselves of products and companies that we don't believe in and we continue to monitor and examine each company that we do deal with. The ultimate goal is for 3 happy parties....the retail customer, IPG and the manufacturer. If one part in that system breaks it all breaks.

Example -- Golden Eagle Advance Seal Head Gaskets.

I have been working in this industry since 2001. IPG was started in 2006. For close to 15 years I and many others have personally used and promoted the Golden Eagle OEM Head Gaskets as the go to head gasket for high horsepower Honda engines. From basic 150 horsepower OEM rebuilds to 1000 horsepower drag engines it was the gasket we have all used and continue to use. Golden Eagle has decided that they are smarter than us though and have released their Advanced Seal head gasket and thoroughly screwed up their pricing on the OEM ones we have been using and promoting for years to deter us from them. Promising superior performance.....errrr, I mean most likely just making a lot more money on us.

I live by some simple idea's. One of them is that you are only as good as your word and your actions. For 15 years I have been using and telling our customers to use the OEM Honda Bored head gaskets produced by Golden Eagle. Now they are expecting me to completely change my tune and promote something completely different. No thanks...the sheep will convert instantly...the ones that do will continue to do what we believe in.

It is hard to sit by and watch the ridiculousness sometimes. I want to insert my opinion here or there but honestly it is not worth it in the least. The loudest mouths are the ones without any listening or reasoning skills, they are just the loudest.

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