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BBS Drag Wheels to go on Sale on April 18th, 2013

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Here it is, the official release and pricing. We have a very limited # of these available. With all of our test fitting we have only been able to verify that these will fit a Civic Spindle setup (small brake setup) with the use of a 10mm spacer for caliper clearance. We have been unable to fit them on an Integra Spindle car (but if you want to try and your own feel free). The issue isn't the backspacing it is the way the back of the face of the 4x100 center is designed, it is very flat and it needs to be pushed off the caliper (with the use of a spacer) to get the caliper clearance required to work. You may be able to use them on an Integra Spindle with enough spacer size used but we have tested up to a 15mm size and have not successfully fitted them. Also will require the use of extended wheel studs.

Here is what we have to offer: All wheels are 4x100 lug pattern. (11) pairs of 15x3.5 skinnies (13) pairs of 13" fronts All the 15x3.5 wheels and 4x100 centers are physically in our possession at IPG. BBS America has some of the inner and outer barrels we need to complete wheels, these parts will be ordered in as we take orders and the 13" wheels will be built then.

Note, BBS America does not physically have enough parts on hand to handle all 13 pairs of fronts that we have but they have already checked with Germany for us and the parts are either in stock there or in production so some customers may see about a 3 week wait time before the 13" wheels can be shipped. We will tell you as you place the order what you can expect. Orders for 4 wheels (front and rear sets) will have preferential treatment and get first shot at the wheels as we would like to keep the complete sets together as much as possible. After customers looking to buy full sets are taken care of we will see what we have left at that point and move on selling the rest of them off.

Wheels will be officially on sale at 1pm Eastern Time on Thursday, April 18th, 2013 (orders can be placed over the phone at 407-324-4684, PayPal at or our website at (wheel links will be posted tomorrow)

All 13" wheels are priced and quoted with a 5" backspacing Pricing is as follows:

- Complete set of (4) Wheels, your choice of 13x8, 13x9, or 13x10 front wheel -- $2000

- 13x8 Wheels, sold in pairs only -- $798

- 13x9 wheels, sold in pairs only -- $830

- 13x10 wheels, sold in pairs only -- $848

- 15x3.5 wheels, sold in pairs only -- $1200

That is about it, let me know if you have any other questions and we will get you answered ASAP. We do have a short list of interested customers we have been collecting information from that we will be calling at 1pm on April 18th, 2013 as well so they will be notified once they are able to purchase them. This is your shot. You will 100% see these selling for more than these prices listed once we sell out of all the wheels we have in stock. These will be a very hard to get and very desirable part of Honda/Acura Drag Racing.

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