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Edelbrock 4730 B16/B18c Camshaft Dyno Testing

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We have been getting quite a few questions lately about the Edelbrock 4730 Camshafts on a naturally aspirated application. Yesterday day we decided to upgrade the springs, retainers and drop a set of the 4730 Cams into an in house project car. The Test Mule was an 88 CRX equipped with an internally stock B16A, ITR Intake Manifold, Omni Power 68mm Throttlebody, AEM Short Ram Intake, and Authentic Hytech Header.

With everything installed and ready to go it was time to hit the dyno for tuning on the S300.

The end result was pretty good, The 4730 Cams overall picked up power just about everywhere and were able to carry it fairly high into the RPM range. The Vtec crossover point also smoothed out considerably. What we have learned so far with these camshafts is that they are working well in moderate compression naturally aspirated engines (up to say 11.5:1 compression). Anything over that compression in a naturally aspirated application these camshafts aren't ideal for and there are better options. In addition to the solid gains in the moderate compression naturally aspirated engines these are making great gains in the vast majority of turbocharged engines that they have been tested in.

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