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CSF Cooling Options

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We are always on the hunt for new products to offer our customers that are built with quality and from well run companies. CSF has quickly become one of the best companies in the marketplace when it comes to cooling options and these 3 new radiators show you exactly why. The Ultimate K Swap Radiator is packed full of features and proves to be one of the nicest options on the market today. From its selectable -16AN or 1.25" Slip on connectors to its optional SPAL Fan and Shroud setup this radiator is sure to give you excellent cooling performance. You can check out more about it here - CSF Ultimate K Swap Radiator

Drag Racing always puts in you in a tight spot for space. With the amount of components that need to be crammed in an engine bay the radiator is often an overlooked accessory. CSF has introduced a great product for this market that is compact yet will offer exceptional cooling capacity for your Drag Racing application, the King Cooler Drag Racing Radiator. Built with the SFWD and All Motor FWD Drag Classes in mind but this product is not limited to those uses. It will be a great option for a wide array of vehicles. Check it out here -- CSF King Cooler Drag Racing Radiator

Lastly the 92-00 Civic style radiator has been hugely popular in the aftermarket performance market for years. This radiator isn't limited to use in the 92-00 Honda Civic models but in fact is widely adapter to a variety of platforms including the Evo 7, 8, 9 chassis's and more. This is a great size radiator for your high performance street car that has limited engine bay space. The Ultimate 1/2 Size Radiator with SPAL Fan is just that. Check it out here - CSF Ultimate 1/2 Size Radiator

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