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Customer Feature: Billy Wyatt's Turbo D Series

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Imagining your project and having the patience to see it through to the end is a timeless story. "Bought it as a beat up rolling shell for $400 ... have been working on it for 16 months." - Billy Wyatt (@BillyD16Wyatt) The relentless pursuit of Honda SOHC D Series power goes back to the mid 1990s when enthusiasts started uncovering the potential and possibilities with these econoboxes. Fast forward over 20 years later and they are still as prevalent as ever in various street performance and race cars around the world. Billy Wyatt's Turbo D Series EK is a culmination of years of the greater goods knowledge to extracting performance from these engines. "I have always been a fan of the all mighty D Series. I have built multiple all motor, nitrous and turbo D series engines. I finally got to a point when I thought to myself it is time to build a motor to show the D Series full potential on a budget."

"My favorite moment with the car has to be when it first started. I knew right away this engine build I had been pondering in my brain for 3 years was going to be everything I knew it would be ... and then the Dyno #'s just put the cherry on top." - Wyatt

Those dyno #'s are nothing to shake your head at showing an impressive 614whp on VP C16 fuel. Keep in mind we are talking about a D16y8 engine that came with a whopping 127hp to the flywheel from the factory. How is this possible? Well modern technology is really good and even though Honda built this engine for its fuel sipping Honda Civic model they built a great base for performance enthusiasts to work off of. Check out Billy's spec sheet to see how he made his dream a reality.

D16Y8 CSS block VITARA pistons SpeedFactory's no notch rods Ported head Competition clutch stage 5 Skunk 2 stage 4 Camshaft Skunk 2 adjustable cam gear Skunk 2 valve springs Skunks 2 retainers, and keepers Skunk 2 valves Skunk 2 pro series intake manifold Skunk 2 70mm throttle body All -6 steel braided fuel lines Sheepey built top mount manifold Precision 6262 turbo Tial 38mm wastegate Tial blow off valve Mishimoto intercooler 3" intercooler piping Grams 1000cc injectors Hondata C16 fuel SpeedFactory 4 bar map SpeedFactory 4 port boost controller Walbro 450 pump Lenso 13x7.5” VPD and 15x3.5” XPD wheels w/ M&H slicks Durtyfabrication roll cage Car Built by Billy Wyatt @arizonaspecialtymotors 614hp and 571tq at 31 psi

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