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Not All Clutches Are Created Equal

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Not all clutches are created equal. Aftermarket performance clutches are designed and produced in a wide array of configurations and selecting the best clutch for your application offers you the best results. Specifically we can discuss the aftermarket Honda and Acura Twin Disc Clutches. We use Tilton Racing clutches in our personal cars and are believers in what the manufacturer has to offer. They sell standard off the shelf part numbers but more importantly we can tailor the clutch kit to have a range of pressure plate capacities so your 400 horsepower All Motor engine doesn't have to use a 900 ft/lb capacity pressure plate. Why is that important? Because over stressing your drivetrain with parts breaking engagement is no fun for parts longevity or your wallet. Our current kit breakdowns include: - 480 ft/lb torque capacity Tilton Twin Disc B and K Series Clutch Kit for All Motor applications - 560 ft/lb torque capacity Tilton Twin Disc B and K Series Clutch Kit for Nitro All Motor applications (this one is 8 second proven in a car already). This is also a fabulous clutch option for your turbo B or K series street car. Will work in turbo applications up to about 700hp. It brings a softer pedal feel but still loads of torque capabilities. - 910 ft/lb torque capacity Tilton Twin Disc B and K Series Clutch Kit for big turbo power (SFWD / True Street) applications. Tilton K Series Twin Disc Clutch Kits Tilton B Series Twin Disc Clutch Kits Don't fall for the trap that you need huge torque capacity for your engine. Buy the clutch kit that is built for your setup and you can realize the benefits through an easier to use product and drivetrain saving performance.
Tilton’s 7.25″ OT-II Cerametallic Racing Clutches are primarily designed for racing applications where some clutch modulation is desired. They feature 4-paddle discs that incorporate a unique blend of ceramic and metallic materials. Cerametallic discs are thicker than sintered metallic discs, and they provide higher heat capacity through their increased mass. In addition, the engagement characteristics of cerametallic clutches are smoother than sintered metallic clutches. These features make Tilton’s 7.25″ OT-II Cerametallic Racing Clutches popular in most racing applications:Features: - Open, one-piece clutch cover design. Provides lower operating temperature, higher strength and minimized deflection for quick shifting. - Two diaphragm spring rate options. Provides a wide range of torque capacities and release loads to tune the clutch for the application. - Chrome vanadium diaphragm springs and an engineered pressure plate geometry. Provides a high clamp load-to-wear ratio, low release load and quick shifting. - High-strength steel pressure and floater plates. - .283″ thick friction disc. Provides excellent wear resistance and withstands elevated temperatures. - Hardened steel thrust buttons provide a smooth and durable surface for pressure and floater plates. - Dynamic spin balanced. - Individually inspected for proper assembly and balance

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