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Debut 2019 Drag Racing Event


The Supertech Performance All Motor Honda CRX campaigned by had its debut 2019 racing event this past weekend at Bradenton Motorsports Park. The January 13th, 2019 Import Face Off event is a go to event for all of the racers and spectators itching to get back to the track after the holiday season. Not to mention the wonderful mid 70 degree Florida weather that this part of the country experiences this time of year.

With only 2 All Motor Pro cars in attendance the team moved to the Forced Induction Sport class to take on some big horsepower heavy hitters. The low weight and consistency of a FWD All Motor car though can be a deadly combination when trying to go rounds for a win. Qualifying 3rd in the field of 8 with a 9.8 @ 138mph pass the team was in a solid position to go rounds. This event is a great chance to test new ideas the car and working to find missing MPH down the 1/4 mile track was the plan for the day. Making some changes to the intake setup to maximize airflow to the Individual Throttle Bodies didn't prove to make any differences but it did take one more thing off the table as the new engine combination is sorted out.

A first round win against a beautiful MKIV Toyota Supra pitted driver Tom Creen against friendly competition in David Carrion and his All Motor Honda Civic. A door to door race down the entire length of the 1320 feet left Carrion with the edge as he took the win with his 9.81 1/4 mile ET to Creen's 9.86.

Overall, the event was a great way to debut the new graphics package and get back into the swing of things for the 2019 season. The team has 2 more Florida events on the schedule in February before prepping the program to head north to HDay at Maryland Intl Raceway.

The Supertech Performance All Motor Honda CRX is powered by a 2.6L K Series engine built by JBR Engines with components from Drag Cartel, Myers Competition, irunOEM and more. It plants the power to the ground on a set of M&H Racing Slicks and controls the chassis with a prototype set of YCW FWD Drag Coilovers. Our partners make this program possible and we continue to work to make their products better through our R&D and their expertise. 2019 is going to be a lot of run with the Drag Racing program.

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JBR Engines

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YCW Suspension

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