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Future of Outlaw FWD Drag Racing

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So this is a Blog right? Then I might as well rant a bit. Over the years I have been pretty opinionated over rules, trends, and the general direction of Sport Compact Drag Racing. I have to give credit where credit is due and that is to the organizers and promoters that put these events on. That is a heck of a lot of work that I know is extraordinarily hard to get done and keep everyone happy. I know that that is not a venture that I ever want get involved in as I see what the current organizers and promoters go through. But the reason for this rant is the 2011 Fall Nationals in Englishtown, NJ. This has historically been one of the greatest events for Sport Compact Drag Racing and will continue to be into the future I am sure.

The Borg Warner Outlaw FWD Class is entering its 4th year and has consistently been a huge draw for fans and cutting edge racers. Unfortunately that is all about to end. The cast of characters can see where this class has been going over the years and it has been a natural progression to live up to its name – “Outlaw”. But there is always opposition when it comes to the trending of a class and a class that is very costly and time consuming to run. The Outlaw FWD class originated as a For the Racers, By The Racers onetime event back in 2007 and it has continued to over the last couple of years into what we see today. Several of the nation’s top tuners showing what they are capable of in a no holds bar race to the finish. It seems though all of this is about to end. There is quite a bit of controversy over what the class should become. The majority of active competitors in the class seem to want to push the class into a true “Outlaw” class with minimal rules and a run what you brung attitude. The potential new entries into the class and organizers are seemingly trying to constrain the class rules to maintain control and box the cars into a certain area. This all will eventually lead to the end of the class. We are seeing that already, less and less cars are terming themselves Outlaw FWD cars and turning to the Sport FWD class which is exactly what needs to happen.

You run where you feel comfortable at both from a competitive standpoint and a financial standpoint. Racing is never about being fair for everyone. Racing is very expensive, it will never be fair for everyone and that is just the nature of the beast. But holding back and turning away some of the most talented fabricators, tuners and idea people in our current time is definitely not the answer either. You want to see all Outlaw FWD cars get parked, parted out and gone for good? That is what is happening right now. The racers that helped make the class are losing interest and unable to see the value in it. It is time for a true Outlaw FWD Class. Minimal Rules, By the Racers, For the Racers. Think the ADRL 10.5” Tire Class but for FWD. This may constrict the class for now but the innovative idea’s and product development that will come from this will help more people than you know. This class isn't for everyone, in fact I will just say it, it is not a class for the grassroots racer, it is a class for the Shops and Tuners in the industry to showcase their stuff. Keep it simple for them to innovate and it will not only keep the costs down for them to be able to push the envelope but we will all benefit from it in the long run. Give it a shot -- 2400 lbs, 26" x 10" Tire, 72mm Turbo and let them eat. A line forever immortalized from the movie the Bad News Bears -- LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY! LET THEM PLAY!...

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