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Hey John, Want to Put the Race Car Back Together ?

67mm turbo class custom edelbrock victor x divided 6765 ferguson civic ferguson sfwd full race top mount manifold fwd 67mm turbo General greddy 3 row innes civic motec m800 precision 6765 Project Cars true street civic

It's Back !!! After sitting around for about a year collecting dust in the corner of the shop the Civic is Back !!! Yes, the 2006 NHRA Sport FWD East Coast Championship winning vehicle and team are going to have a bit of fun again. After some frustrating attempts at setting the car up to run in the Outlaw Class over the last 2 seasons we have gone back to our roots with a 67mm Turbo to try and keep the car reliable and consistent to what we know how to do best.

The original completion date was expected to be by December 4th-5th for the NSCRA West Palm Beach event but engine troubles held us back from making that event. Now we are shooting for a completion time by the first of the year in order to get some testing done before the first possible showing at the Januray 16th IFO Event in Bradenton, Florida. John Ferguson will still be the driver. A lot of the parts are the same that we have been using for years but with the switch back to the 67mm turbo we have finally upgraded to a better designed turbo manifold -- a T4 Divided Full Race Top Mount Manifold. The turbocharger of choice currently is the Precision Journal Bearing 6765 with Divided 1.00 A/R Turbine Housing. Other features include:

Motec M800

Custom Edelbock

Victor X Intake Manifold

85mm Bore

GSR Engine with M2 Racing B16 Cylinder Head

IPG Turbo Camshafts (unfortunately we have discontinued these but man the still work well)

We will be running stock gearsets for now until we figure out what direction we want to take with the transmission but the best part about this is that we are back up and running and will be able to enjoy the car again and hopefully give the competition a little run for their money.

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