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IPG Turbo K Series EG Gets Track Ready

1992 Honda Civic VX -- Turbo K Series 400 horsepower k series double d tuning florida full race turbo manifold gt3582r hondata kpro k20/k24 orlando pump gas turbo engine sanford

After some changes we are finally ready to get the IPG Turbo K Series EG out to the track. With a strange missing 4th gear issue in the previous transmission we have swapped in a EP3 5 Speed Transmission with a new Quaife LSD as well as a set of DriveShaft Shop 3.9 Axles. The interior of the car received a new Momo Mod 78 Black Suede Steering wheel. And for when the car is in street trim we put on a set of Black Civic HX Wheels that we had around the shop, just giving it a bit meaner look. Today we finished test fitting the Weld Magnum Import Drag Wheels and had to raise the front of the car about 1/4" to ensure we have the required clearance for the MT 24.5x9x13 ET Drag Slick. These are actually the same wheels that we have been running on our All Motor Civic so they are pulling double duty for the time being. We plan on testing the car Friday Night, January 28th, 2011 at Orlando Speedworld so if you are in the area stop by and check us out. We are currently running the same pump gas tune that netted us high 400 wheel horsepower with the best 93 octane gas that our local gas station had to offer

1992 Civic VX with Turbo K20/K24 Engine

Momo Mod 78 Black Suede 350mm Steering Wheel

IPG Turbo K Series Civic in Drag Trim with Weld Magnum Import Wheels

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