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You can't go to any large Sport Compact drag racing event without feeling the presence of this Tuesday Ten interviewee. He brings a lot to the table every time he comes to compete for his team, fans, rivals and sponsors. Thanks for your time Norris Prayoonto.

#1 – What keeps you busy? Daily activities? Normal work schedule? What does a day in the life of Norris Prayoonto look like? My mornings are mostly taking care of my newborn son until about 10 or 11, then off to the shop. At the shop we are there every day working on our race cars and/or customers motors. My duties are to make sure everything is done on time whether it's ordering parts for us or our customers. After that I spend a lot of time in THE room. In this room, I’m finding new things to test on the dyno. It doesn't matter if it’s one or two hp. At the end of the day it all adds up. Oh these so called one or two hp is expensive I’ll tell you! But that's just the way things are at the level we are at! The rest of my days are answering emails and communicating with sponsors.

#2 – Just like everyone else I assume that you have plans of making moves and doing big things in 2013. What can we expect to see from Norris Prayoonto and the Prayoonto Racing Camp? Every year it's the same goal and it's to rule the world! Lol. Just taking it day by day and try to go faster and produce more parts for the public from what we have tested to work on our race cars.

#3 – Sport Compact Racing pulses through your veins as you have been doing this for so long. How do you see the next couple of years shaping up for the sport and industry as a whole? What can be done better now to aid in the continued growth of Sport Compact Drag Racing? People need to stop complaining and be thankful on what we have today. I used to be one of those guys complaining about this and that. But now that I look back on it, I shouldn't have. Complaining does nothing for the sport; it just makes drama and makes us look bad for the people who would like to be involved with us.

#4 – Your ability to field top level race cars and have great corporate partnerships to help campaign them is the most impressive in the sport compact industry. What do you credit your ability to have maintained these partnerships year in and year out? In the past 9 years I have been backed by great manufactures in our industry. The main thing is I do what I tell them I am going to do. I make them look good and bring business to the table, that's what really matters. Is what we can do for them and not what they can do for us. That's my model!

#5 – If you didn't have such a great partnership support system would you still push as hard to campaign the amount of cars that you do at the level that you do? Racing used to be a hobby, it's now my profession. If I didn't have such great backing I would do it more on a lower scale and definitely not 4 cars. 4 cars takes a lot. Ask you yourself, what you would do if you had to do what you do now with one race car x4! It sounds impossible. But it all comes down to getting the job done and dedication.

#6 – You are one of the master minds of FTW fuel. There is much controversy over the fuel, what it contains, how it makes the power it can. What is your take on the discussions that both the racers have amongst themselves and the sanctioning bodies have regarding the legality and future of the fuel? This fuel isn't for everybody. It’s for the people who have spent tons of money on their race cars and are looking for more hp, without having to spend $1000s more! The fuel is 110% legal. I make sure all the fuels are within .1 percent of each other before it leaves the door. This year we are looking to expand the FTW Company into other fuel mixtures including racing gasolines. Stay tuned on this!

#7 – What are the long term goals when it comes to your business actives? What are you doing to ensure that you meet these goals and continue to push forward? My goal is to have people realize who is the best out there. At WORLD CUP FINALS we secured 3 records in 3 classes. That was a goal I was hoping for a very long time and it happened. People need to realize our motor programs and setups are available to the public, it's not a secret. People who follow me on social media know! We are always promoting what we do and what we have.

#8 – Racing has always been a family affair for you. We all know how much time this passion takes. Would you be able to have the committed racing program that you have if you didn’t have the support of your family? With such a big team like I have now, family plays a big role. My dad helps me out a lot in the past 10 years. Loan my wife, has backed me since the day she met me. She even offered to learn the ways of my life in racing and look at her today! I think in any sport we need family love to keep pushing you to work hard. That's just the nature of life.

#9 -- What are your off the track and non-business hour hobbies and passions? To be honest my life is racing and spending time with my newborn. Just as much as I want to do other things, the family and my business is what's important to me right now. Hard to venture off to other things.

#10 – Everyone loves to learn new unknown things about a person. Tell us something that we don’t know about Norris Prayoonto? Ummm... Let's just say I love music and remixing them. LOL That's all I’ll say.


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