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It is here, we have to at least start it - Hot Rod Del Sol

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As some of you know, we recently got in a pretty badass Honda Del Sol Hot Rod Drag car. This car was brought in to strip down and sell off piece by piece to our customers. The parting out of this car will allow us to assist numerous customers in completing their projects with the used parts that will become available from it.

But seeing as how it is basically in ready to run condition we at least wanted to start it up and hear the beast. This car has previously run an 8 Second 1/4 mile time so we all know the potential it has to keep getting faster if it were raced more. Engine setup is a basic 2.0L Sleeved GSR Block, M2 Cylinder Head and of course the Ferrea Roller Rocker and Camshaft setup gives it the lovely lumpy idle. Everything you see is available for sale or if you really want we will gladly sell you the car complete as it sits, in ready to run condition and you can own your own 8 Second FWD Drag Car.

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