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Quick, Custom Gauge Project for left, right, left EF

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When we acquired Left, Right, Left EF it had been turbocharged in its previous life. It already had 3 Autometer Cobalt Gauges installed in it in a less than desirable location so we performed a quick fix to this be installing them in the empty Radio slot in the center console. In the end we will be running the Autometer Cobalt Oil Pressure as shown and a matching Water Temperature Gauge. Here is the first quick look at how the gauges may look when installed into the radio slot. We used the existing radio bezel as the outer mounting plate to start the project with.

Some basic White Plastic will serve as the mounting plate for the gauges inside the Radio Slot. Here we have the plastic cut out and press fit into the radio slot for the first test fitment.

After carefully marking the Plastic for the correct gauge location inside the mount the rough holes were cut using a hole saw slightly smaller than the outer diameter of the gauge in order to allow the gauge to be slide with pressure into the mount to hold it in place.

Here are 2 gauges fully test fitted into the cut plastic and mounted in the Radio Bezel.

And again a final test fit before finishing actually installed into the center console to check clearances, fitment, etc.

A little Loctite was used to securely fasten the plastic mount inside the radio bezel to avoid any movement. A simple yet effective way of mounting the plastic mounting piece.

A quick coat of Satin Black Spray Paint blends in the gauge mount nicely with the Radio bezel and we are getting close to final installation back into the center console.

And here we have the finished gauge mount installed in the Radio slot of the center console. Although we will not be using the EGT Gauge as pictured it was nice to have it around to use as a test fit gauge and get an idea of what the finished mount will look like once installed. This is a very simple and effective way to custom mount your gauges in whatever project you may be working on.

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