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K20A2 Throttle Body Dyno Test: Stock 62mm vs Blox 72mm

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K20A2 Throttle Body Dyno Test: Stock 62mm vs Blox 72mm: In the never ending quest for more power, I seemed to notice a trend. It appeared that most people putting together mild K20's were all using some type of aftermarket throttle body between 70mm and 74mm. It just so happened that my throttle body was cracked and we did have a Blox 72mm here at the shop. Seemed like a no brainer to do a little comparison while picking up a few horsepower. My Setup Consists of: Stock Internal K20A2 Custom 3'' Intake with BPI Stack an K&N Filter RBC Intake Manifold Skunk2 Megapower Header Hondata K-PRO Before Pictures:

After Pictures:

The Result:

No real change. Air Fuel Ratio stayed right on par, Played with Timing and Cam Angle but never really picked up anything unfortunately. These are our results with this particular setup. The intake manifold was port matched to 72mm, And these are both average number's of three before and after pulls.  

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