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2012 Honda Civic Si FG4 Enters the IPG Fleet

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We recently got a new project car in here at IPG. I initially was interested in the 2012 Honda Civic Si mainly as a road race car platform. After going on a test drive in one I am thoroughly impressed by it and although this car is destined to become a race car we figured we would leave it in street car trim for a little bit and use it for testing purposes before it gets turned into a full on race car. The plans for now are to do some basic stuff to it but really only parts that will still be used when it is turned into a race car. The thought is to run it in the same SCCA STL Class that we currently run our 2004 Honda Civic Si in which will ultimately mean swapping the new K24z7 2.4L engine out for the older K20z3 2.0L engine to meet the class rules. Plans also include a front 290mm 4 Piston Wilwood brake kit, Progress 22mm or 24mm rear sway bar and the a nice spring / damper setup that is undecided as of now. You will probably also see us doing some bolt-on part testing with this car to show the '12+ Civic Si market what sort of gains can be had with some basic parts installed. It seems like there is a lot of misinformation and poor information when it comes to this new '12+ Civic Si platform that we will do what we can to clear up. But really the reason this car is here is ------ RACE CAR.

Coming Soon.....2012+ Civic Si Intake Tests

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