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KRX Kicking Butt and Taking Names

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Tom's KRX has been kicking butt and taking names lately. With its internally stock K20a2, fine tuning and good driving has netted it a best 1/4 mile ET of 11.46 @ 117mph. The term K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) comes to mind when you take into consideration how this CRX has gone through its transformation. Good parts and testing is what has gotten Tom to the point he is at now and attention to detail has taken it over the top. Can't Stop, Won't Stop is a term used around the IPG office a bit and that is just what is going on now as the new goal is to put the car into the 10s with the same internal stock K20a2 that has been powering this car for the last couple of months. The car weighs approximately 2010 lbs with driver currently and is making approximately 235whp. Bone Stock K20a2 engine (stock pistons, stock rods, stock valvetrain, stock camshafts, etc) RRC Intake Manifold with 68mm Throttle Body Skunk2 Header Custom 3" Intake Hondata KPro Fuel Injector Clinic 900cc Injectors

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