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K20a2 CRX - 11.30 @ 119mph

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We recently took the K20a2 CRX out to Orlando Speedworld for some more testing which resulted in even quicker ETs and higher MPHs. Fuel testing allowed the team to pick up 10-12 horsepower by using FTW Red and that showed on track running the quickest ET and fastest MPH to date of 11.30 @ 119mph. Bone Stock K20A2 Engine (Stock Pistons, Stock Rods, Stock Valvetrain, Stock Camshafts, Stock Ports, etc) RRC Intake Manifold with 68mm Skunk2 B Series Throttle Body DTR K20 4-1 Header with Megaphone Custom 3″ Intake Hondata KPro Fuel Injector Clinic 900cc Injectors FTW Red Race Gasoline The car weighs approximately 1980lbs with driver and full interior. 93 Pump Gas vs FTW Red Gasoline

Unfortunately a rod bearing decided to not want to play anymore halfway through the night so the engine needed some attention. We recently sourced a DC5R K20a engine that we are currently installing to keep pushing towards the goal of running a 10 second 1/4 mile time on a bone stock Honda K series engine. The bump in compression and different camshaft setup in the K20a versus the K20a2 will hopefully get us to the goal.

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