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Lenso 13x7.5 VPD and 15x3.5 XPD Wheels In Stock

13" 13x7.5 13x8 15x3.5 4x100 Civic CRX drag Drag Wheels General Honda Integra IPG IPG Parts IPG Racing Lenso Products VPD wheels XPD

After years of not being available in the North American market has brought them back. The Lenso 13x7.5" VPD and 15x3.5" XPD Wheels are all offered in the 4x100 lug pattern and are an excellent choice for a budget minded drag racing setup. The 13x7.5 VPD Wheels make a great option for Autocross wheels as well. Weighing in at just 10.6lbs and offering great brake clearance the VPD wheels are a direct install for most of the popular Honda / Acura 4x100 platforms. They will also fit a wide range of other 4x100 vehicles including the Mazda Miata, Nissan Sentra, etc. The VPD wheels are currently in stock in Black, Gunmetal, Gold and Silver The XPD wheels are on the shelf in Black, Gunmetal or Silver You can purchase the VPD wheels on their own here for only $330/pair -- Or you can purchase a VPD Wheel and Slick Package here -- The XPD 15x3.5 Wheels only are listed here online for $330/pair -- And the XPD's with Tires --

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