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New Brakes and Clutch for Left, Right, Left EF

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A couple of new parts have trickled in for Project Left, Right, Left EF. With the brakes in an unknown condition we went ahead and splurged a bit on some brand new parts to ensure we would not have any issues once the car is up and running. The car already has rear disc brakes swapped onto it so we went ahead and got new local auto parts store replacement Blank Rotors, Hawk HP+ Brake Pads for the front and Hawk HPS Rear Brake pads. And upon inspection there is already SuperBlue brake fluid in the lines so we got an extra bottle of that to use when we bleed the brakes and have around for maintenance as needed. We had 2 used clutches here that could of possibly been used for the project but neither one looks to be in that great of shape so we might as well put a new clutch into the setup instead of realizing an issue with the clutch once the car is back together.

The Exedy Stage 1 is a logical choice for the great price it can be had at and slightly increased performance that it offers. The Exedy Stage 1 Clutch kit is a full kit including the Clutch Disc, Pressure Plate, Release Bearing, Throwout Bearing and Alignment tool.

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